Security Innovative solutions covering video transmission & processing for law enforcement and defense industry Communication Video & data transmission systems and networks via RF and IP Broadcast Next generation broadcasting, media management and archival solution for corporate and public broadcasters Integration Innovative hi-tech solutions for today's and tomorrow's requirements


Milteksis Technology is a leading provider of video solution for government, defence industry and corporations. Hi-tech solutions requirements within the region for video transmission and processing operations are in hight demand. Especially innovative implementation for RF and IP based transmission solutions are the key expectations for different type of large scale live video acquisition and processing systems. Working with different leading vendors around the globe, We are providing best of the breed solutions for our key customers. With decades of industry knowledge and flexible solution provisioning experience, we are leading the industry and investing for tomorrow.

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Milteksis Technology is an Innovation-first company four our customers. With the long-term partnership of leading global vendors, we always provide the perfect match of different brands and tailored solutions for you. We are building tomorrow with today’s best of breed products and services available. This is the key factor of our success with our customers.

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