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Earthquake Readiness Exercises - 2022

Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency – AFAD’s “Earthquake Readiness Exercises 2022 – Istanbul” has been completed successfully.  Several government agencies, NGOs, local administrations and supporting companies are joined forces to complete tasks for an earthquake scenario. Istanbul is a possible major earthquake target in near future and all assigned organizations are working hard to get ready and stay alert for this disaster. During the exercises, Turkish National Police (EGM), Turkish Gendarmerie, Turkish Coast Guard, local municipalities and several NGOs worked together. Milteksis Teknoloji, on his part, provided support for live video and data transmission from aircrafts and ground personnel, and live video monitoring solution implemented for AFAD and EGM several years ago. AFAD’s current video management system is based on Haivision infrastructure with integration and support provided by Milteksis Teknoloji.


AFAD Tatbikat 2022



Joint Warfare Center IPTV is ON-AIR!

General Staff Joint Warfare Center (JWC) corporate IPTV network and production facilities are on air with KDTV logo.
Broadcast facilities and IPTV network would provide media support services during NATO joint warfare exercises to be held in Turkey and within the region.
Milteksis Teknoloji provided all IPTV equipment and deployment of corporate broadcast facilities with satellite and cable tv networks.

Our hearth is with you Izmir!

We are deeply sorry for the devastating earthquake in Izmir region causing fatalities and casualties. After the quake hit the region, Turkish National Police Aviation (EGM Havacilik) aircrafts flew to the disaster region to collect information and to stream live video from the scene for Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD). With information collected and transfered live to AFAD HQ and live video feed, AFAD intervened to the disaster with the right tools and teams, recovering lives from the collapsed buildings and providing releif to the distressed citizens.
Milteksis Teknoloji is proud to be part of the Disaster Management Support System (AYDES) providing the technology for live video streaming from EGM Havacilik aircrafts to EGM and AFAD headquartes and to all operation personnal on the ground.


Görüntü Aktarım Projesi Bilgilendirme - EGM Havacılık


Here with “Technology Notebook” we are providing information about new technologies and news within our industry, covering visualization, video, transmission, processing and management. We are already providing these technologies to our customers as Milteksis Teknoloji offerings and we hope these informations would help you to better understand these cutting-edge technologies ant its capabilities. 

SRT Technology

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Technology is developed to provide point-to-point video transmission as an open-source project by Haivision. Later Wowza joined the initiative to expand the capabilities of the technology and to promote its use. Now with SRT alliance, numerous industry players are joining their forces to adopt and increase the use of this technology. Today SRT is a de-facto industry standard for internet based delivery of video content for transmission, contribution and production.
P.S: Following content is in Turkish!


Milteksis Teknoloji


Milteksis Teknoloji

Milteksis Technology is a leading provider of situational awareness / ISR / S&R solutions for government, defence industry and corporations. Hi-tech solutions requirements within the region for imaging, information gathering, transmission and processing operations are in high demand. Especially innovative implementation for imaging, RF and IP based transmission and monitoring and management solutions are the key expectations for different type of large scale ISR and S&R operations. Working with different leading vendors around the globe, We are providing best of the breed solutions for our key customers. With decades of industry knowledge and flexible solution provisioning experience, we are leading the industry and investing for tomorrow.


Milteksis Technology is a leading integrator working with cutting-edge technology providers around the globe. Our applications are the tight integration of different technologies from our partners. With our large portfolio of such high-tech solutions  we are providing end-to-end solutions for our customers and also we are providing local support expectations with our highly qualified support engineers.

With the power of our partners we are providing solutions for tomorrow.

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